The “Uta Star” project (hereinafter referred to as “Uta Star”) has established guidelines defining the scope of secondary creation and secondary use of the original music provided. We hereby announce these guidelines.

◾️Background for Establishing Guidelines

Uta Star, born from the desire to help busy parents, aims to facilitate enjoyable moments between parents and children, as well as teachers and students, through videos. Since its inception, it has been posting music animations that are useful in homes, nurseries, and kindergartens, based on real parenting experiences, expert guidance, and cooperation with picture book publishers. These animations serve as tools and opportunities to spark intellectual curiosity and promote the development of language, heart, and body. To allow for the worry-free use of original music and video content in more educational settings without cumbersome procedures, we have now established “Secondary Creation and Secondary Use Guidelines.”

Uta Star aims to support parenting and educational settings through interactive activities with parents and educators, creating better educational content. This in turn facilitates children’s growth and the creation of wonderful and enjoyable moments.

◾️Secondary Creation and Secondary Use Guidelines

Uta Star will not claim copyright infringement as long as these guidelines are adhered to. Moreover, compliance with these guidelines means that individual inquiries are not required for the use of the content.

1.Content Subject to These Guidelines

These guidelines apply to the use of original music content posted on the following YouTube channels:

  • Uta Star – Japan nursery rhythms & kids songs (
  • Odorippy Channel (
  • Uta Star Clap Clap (
  • Odorippy’s Room (
  • Everyone’s New Nursery Rhymes (

※These guidelines do not apply to cover songs, including standard nursery rhymes and children’s show tunes.

2.Secondary Creation and Use Covered by These Guidelines

These guidelines cover the following uses for “individuals” or “child welfare facilities such as kindergartens, nurseries, and certified children’s centers” for the purpose of children’s education. Uses by entities other than “individuals” or “child welfare facilities,” or for commercial or for-profit activities, require prior inquiry. Use may be restricted if deemed to be for commercial or for-profit activities.

【Secondary Use Includes:】

  • Broadcasting music or videos at nursery/kindergarten events
  • Using songs for performances or plays, including playing, broadcasting, or choreographing
  • Distributing sheet music or lyrics
  • Using original characters in printed materials like newsletters

【Secondary Creation Includes:作】

①For Child Welfare Facilities:

  • Singing, playing, or acting in plays and presentations
  • Creating parodies or operettas with original songs
  • Posting fan art of original characters

②For Individuals:

  • Creating and posting video clips
  • Posting cover videos
  • Posting dance videos
  • Posting parody songs
  • Posting fan art


The following uses are prohibited:

  • Violations of these guidelines
  • Uses for commercial or for-profit activities
  • Actions that could damage the image of Uta Star’s content or harm the honor or dignity of third parties
  • Actions that are against the law, public order, and morals, or could be (including anti-social expressions)
  • Activities involving political, religious, or ideological promotion or solicitation
  • Infringement or potential infringement of third-party rights
  • Other actions deemed inappropriate by Uta Star


  • Uta Star assumes no responsibility for any damage or liability arising from the use of the content.
  • The laws of Japan govern the enjoyment of the content.
  • The contents of these guidelines may change without notice, and Uta Star assumes no responsibility for any damage arising from such changes.
  • Content owned entirely or partially by third parties, such as cover songs and collaboration characters, as well as non-Uta Star original songs, are excluded from these guidelines.

◾️If you have any requests like the following, please contact us:

  • We will create sheet music for songs that do not have it
  • We will produce and provide audio sources for songs that do not have karaoke versions
  • We will provide choreography suitable for different ages

Please consult us for any other requests related to children’s songs.

[For inquiries about the Uta Star project, please contact]

◾️About Uta Star:

“Uta Star” is a music YouTube channel for adults involved in children’s education, created by a team of parents (a father with one daughter and a mother with two sons) who are deeply involved in child-rearing. With insights from their own parenting experiences, expert guidance, and cooperation with picture book publishers, they are committed to posting music animation videos that are helpful in educational settings and homes. Born from the desire to assist busy parents, through

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