We have released many cover songs and original songs, but we have decided to release a new song every month from April 2024, in order to contribute more than ever to the development of the mind and body and to create opportunities for communication with your children through songs.

The April 2024 song “Haruharu” combines the words “spring” and “pasting,” and incorporates the action of “pasting stickers,” which is familiar to children. In addition, the song is sung with movement from the beginning with the aim of attracting children’s interest and creating a crying stop effect. The catchy lyrics and light melody of this song will make you feel the joyful arrival of spring, so please try singing along with your children.


New song for April “Haruharu”

◆”Haruharu” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NghEcMryyI