Utasta has released a new song for May, “Gourmet Koinobori” as the second song of the “Song of the Month” initiative, which began in April 2024!

The song for May 2024 [Gourmet Koinobori] is a song about a carp streamer that opens its big mouth and eats anything that flies by 🎵.
The song is easy to play and catchy lyrics and melody, so please sing along with your children.

About the “Song of the Month” project
We have released many cover songs and original songs, but we decided to release a new song every month from April 2024, in order to contribute to the development of children’s minds and bodies and to create opportunities for communication with children through songs.

New song for May “Gourmet Koinobori

◆”Gourmet Koinobori” video here