UTASTAR was born from the idea of helping busy parents.

Under the guidance of child development experts,
picture book publishers, and feedback from parents,
we set up a YouTube channel that provides music animations
that are useful at homes, daycares, and kindergartens.

In addition to the original songs of UTASTAR,
we also post popular nursery rhymes and covers of popular kids' songs,
seasonal songs, and dance videos that make adults feel nostalgic.

We hope our videos will help parents and children,
teachers and students, to create a fun time together
and to promote intellectual curiosity,
language, and mental and physical development.

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There are many friends in UTASTAR village,
and they sing and dance every day.
What kind of happy things will happen today...?



Naani-chan loves to sing.
One day, she could hear
the sound of vegetables,
so she became friends with Tomato,
Cabbage, and Corn.
She is a girl who loves her friends.
She is afraid of ghosts.



Tomato-chan is a
cheerful and active girl.
She can run fast
and dreams of flying
in the sky someday.



CABBAGE-KUN is a quiet
and reserved cabbage boy.
He loves to study and
wants to work as a weather
forecaster in the future.



Corn-kun lifts everyone's
mood. He loves to dance
and is willing to visit his
grandmother's hometown,
the corn fields of America,



A new student in UTASTAR Village.
She used to attend a flying school
somewhere on a southern island,
but as she loves dancing so much,
She transferred to a singing and
dancing school. her dream is to make
the whole world bright with dance.



You can download original songs from UTASTAR.
You can download the UTASTAR's original songs
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In addition, original songs and nursery rhymes from UTASTAR
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You may use any of the original songs and videos
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However, the following acts are prohibited.

・Selling our music and video contents
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